About Segari's Restaurant and the founder, Sam Segari




The Walking Tour...

Sam was always amazed when new customers wanted to know about his history, even before they wanted to know about the shrimp. He often joked that he needed to create a narrated walking tour with headphones like they have in museums.

Sam Segari started in business in September 1971. His first place was 'Sam's Song', a bar located on Milam, which later moved to Westheimer. In the late 70s, he opened 'The Second Verse', a restaurant and piano bar on Washington Avenue. His next venture was in the 80s as 'George's on Washington', right next door to The Second Verse. It was later named 'S.O.S.: Same Old Sam's'. Later, he moved his seafood across the street as the restaurant 'Sam Segari's'. In the 90s, he opened on Durham under several names including 'The Final Verse' and 'Segari's'.  After a fire in 2003, he re-opened within one month at the current Shepherd location of Segari's.

When the Segari's on Durham burned, Sam had just paid the city for a sign permit (which they would not transfer to the new location) and he wasn't about to pay for another one. Sam decided against another sign and simply phoned his customers to tell them of the new location.

Through the years, Sam developed a loyal following of friends, fans and customers who followed him to his various restaurant venues. He loved entertaining his customers. His unique personality was reflected in his attention (or lack thereof) to everyone who entered Segari's doors.

Welcome to a Houston tradition, Houston's best seafood, and Houston's best kept secret -




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