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H Texas Magazine: Best Crab Appetizer 2012

Simplicity at its best. Unlike any other seafood cocktail in Houston, this one is like an ice-cream sundae full of large pieces of lump crabmeat.



Houston Press: BEST SHRIMP 2009 --

The largest Gulf shrimp available . . . more

(Thank you, Houston Press. We are so proud.)


Houston Press: U-10 Shrimp 2 Ways --

Beautifully cooked shrimp . . . more

(More of our awesome shrimp.)


H Texas Magazine: (Phedra Friend) BEST SEAFOOD 2006 -- The best gumbo in town is paired here with exceptional fish and shrimp dishes, as well as outstanding wines and liquors . . . more

(Thank you, Phedra.)


Marvin's Blue Ribbon Awards:  Houston's cleanest restaurant kitchens honored . . . more

(Thanks Marvin, we'll miss you.)


Houston Press: (Robb Walsh) This week, I hit on a new strategy. I've decided that from now on when I'm asked the inevitable question, I'm going to say my favorite restaurant is Segari's on Shepherd. Which is something of a cruel joke, since Segari's is impossible to find . . . more

(Yes, we know, but half the fun of eating with us, is finding us.)


Houston Press: (Letters: Letter 4, Sam's Meat) Sam serves an outstanding ribeye to his friends,  plus, as good a pork chop, veal chop and rack of lamb as you will find anywhere . . . more

(One of our regulars, Harold Gunn, humorously

replies to Robb Walsh's review.)


Houston Press: BEST GUMBO 2002 -- Sam Segari's gumbo is murky, mysterious and full of character -- just like everything else in this crazy little joint . . . more

(Even folks from Louisiana say it's the best.)


B4-U-EAT: (on Angela keeping the restaurant open) "He would have wanted it that way," a waiter said. "He was generous. He gave dinners to charitable groups. When friends were sick, he would send flowers and food. He gathered clothing and food for children with AIDS . . . more

(Among other charities, his favorite was Susan's Rally.

Give to them generously!)








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